Friday, September 08, 2006

An End To Summer

I can't believe that summer is almost officially over!!!! I thought that I better re-cap before Christmas :) This summer flew by, having three kids had made time go so fast. We didn't get to do a lot away from home this summer but when we did get away we had a wonderful time. In late July we finally got away to the family property in CeElum. It was fun to get things cleaned up and spend some time playing in the river.

Of course we all had a lot of fun at home. Brad was home part time for a large part of the summer because of his knee injury. The girls loved that, and then when he went back to work they were very excited for their two nannies, Monica and Samantha. Both Mo and Sam were lifesavers while Brad and I tried to juggle our schedules and they always seemed to be more willing to do the fun things.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Snodgrass' and the Lowens at the waterpark. 6/16

Maddy caught her first fish on a field trip with her PreK class 4/25

Brad thought we should send this to cingular, more bars in more places!

On the way to ocean shores, we stopped to let Clair go potty.

Summer's Here


Springtime has come and gone but it was a great season. We have now lived in our "new" home for over a year! Of course being us we are feeling a little stir crazy for something new, but no worries; I think we will hang on to her for awhile still. Kailey turned 4 in May, we a had a great little party with mostly family. She is feeling really stuck in the "middle" she wants to be "old" like Maddy or a "baby" like Avery. Avery is now 8 months and a little ball of fire, she is pulling herself around on her tummy and has learned how to sit up on her own. Her newest development is pulling her self up on everything! Uh-Oh watchout! It seems like she is cutting about 400 teeth and our happy little baby has been a little cranky lately. Madelyn is 5.5 and loving it. She is starting Kindergarten in the fall at Brooklake Christian School. I was imaging how she is going to look in her little uniform. I can't wait!
Also in May I took a job working for our friend, Dick Drenckpohl, part-time. I am loving it, it is a challenging job but it has been fun learning a new trade. Brad is continuing to work part-time in the Mortgage business and is doing great. He injured his knee in February and had only been working part-time at Fed-Ex until a few weeks ago. Our goal is for him to go part-time permanently there and spend the rest the time working from home doing loans.
June was a wonderful month, we took a short vacation to Ocean Shores with the Lowen family. We stayed in a great little cabin, the guys and the kids enjoyed playing on the beach and Janet, Avery and I had a great time shopping and drinking coffee!!! There is a new water park at the Ramada at Ocean Shores and the girls loved it. It was indoors and was layed out perfect for them.
At the end of June I got the chance to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my Mom, Sisters and my cousins. It was amazing, the weather was warm and humid. Highlights of the trip were laying by the pool (Huhmmm) and traveling around visiting other beach areas near by.
The big news for July so far is that Brad and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary on July 9th. I can hardly believe that it has been so long since we took our vows, time has flown by. I always heard my parents saying that when I was younger and now I know how they felt. It must have something to do with having little ones who change so quickly.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Mini Vacation to California

Brad and I got the oppurtunity to fly down with the baby to see the Drenckpohl's in Los Angeles. We got to spend most of the trip at the beach at Kristi's parents beach house. We had such a great time, hanging out and playing with Joel and Kristi. Audrey and Avery were born 2 days apart and were super fun to watch together. Although there is a big difference in their size they are doing the exact same things, rolling around and grabbing their toes.
Spending time with Joel and Kristi was a great reminder of how blessed we have been by the relationships God has placed in our lives. I met Joel several years ago as a freshman in highschool. I would have never guessed then that we would have the relationship we have now. When I met Kristi a few years ago I quickly fell in love with her laid back personality. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met and being so far away from her has only made me appreciate her more. I also appreciate new relationships that God has created. Our friends Janet and Steve Potter watched our older girls for 3 days while we were gone. They were life savers. I am sure we could have found some one else to watch them but having them caring for our children made us relax and have an even better time.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Me and the girls on Valentines day

My First Post

So I decided to create a blog because I love to write and journal and sometimes I want to share what I have to say with my friends. I also thought that it would be fun for the girls to have something to look back on later. It's taken me a long time to make this step because I always feel like it's to late to start. I have been a mom for 5 and a half years and there have been so many things that have happened that were very note worthy that I probably can't recall anymore. I am going to just bite the bullet and start with where we are now and move forward.My new motto "It's better to perserve some memories than to not save any at all."